The aim of the courses given at Mosa Painting Workshop is to provide for the trainees to undertand the practical and institutional disciplines of art with a balanced way and sell them to the trainees. In addition, It is target.ed on being developed the trainees’s skills about the nature of art, the origin of art, regulatory elements and principles of art , understanding with the relationships between these ,the creative and intuitive powers, interpreting the relationship between objects. Education system in workshop have been organized according to the methods of contemporary art.

The students who successfully complete the programmes is given a certificate of completion confirmed by the Ministry of National Education.

The students who graduate from the program can work in the status of master instructive in the instituations affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, vocational courses, private and public schools.


It may change acoording to the programme which has been determined by The Ministry of National Education.

    The Preparation of the Ability Exams

    The Painting and Drawing Course with Hobby Purpose

    The Definition and Evaluation of Works of Art

    Animation (Stop Motion)

    The Traditional Marbling Art

    The Traditional Line Art