The aim of the Orchestra Mosa is to introduce in Kayseri the classical orchestra which is an indispensable element of polyphonic music; to provide to regularly listen the music to listeners who listen the polyphonic music, to make Kayseri known around the country in the artistic sense with concerts, tours and the guest artists .

The orchestra MOSA which is the first private classical chamber orchestra established in Kayseri, will be pioneer to be established symphonic and philharmonic orchestras, which is a step above.

Education and Work:

The orchestra MOSA is not an individual training activity but it is a formation established on a direct performance. In this orchestra, It is accepted by being selected the performers who dominate their instrument in a certain level.

The orchestral work is done in the academic year.

The orchestral work is done for 2 hour in one day a week and when the activity process such as concert is entered , the working day and hours is increased if it is needed.

In parallel with the orchestral works, "Basic Music Theory" course is done at two hour fortnightly.. "Basic Music Theory" course is done by being followed the curriculum which the Ministry of National Education determines.

Providing that being the appropriate level, the orchestral repertoire is determined by conductor who works in Modern Art Academy and the necessary arrangements are regulated by MOSA piano teachers.

    Stringed Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello (Cello), Double Bass

    Woodwind Instruments : Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet

    Keyboard Instruments: Piano

    Percussion Instruments: Triangles, Chimes, Snare Drum, Ringtones