While MOSA aims at playing an instrument ,giving musical hearing ability and a sense of rhythm to their students, it provides to be liked the type of this music and be comprised the culture of music with the exclusive samples of international art music.

MOSA which gives the stage experience and the ability to control themselves in front of the community to their students by making them concert , supports that their successfull students,which MOSA also contributes the personal and social development, participate in the international music festival, master courses and music competition.

London College Of Music (LCM) provides a chance to enter level exams to take a document which has the international validitiy in the programme. The students who graduate from the program can work in the status of master instructive in the instituations affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, vocational courses, private and public schools.


It may change acoording to the programme which has been determined by The Ministry of National Education.

    Piano (Classical , Jazz)

    Guitar (Classical, Flamenco , Jazz)

    Elektro Gitar (Caz, Rock, Pop)

    Bass Guitar

    Stringed Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello (Cello), Double Bass

    Woodwind Instruments : Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet

    Percussion Instruments: (Drum Kits , Percussion)

    Singing ( Classical, Pop ,Jazz)

    Musical Harmony (Classical)


    The preparation Exams of Fine Arts High School

    The preparation of Conservatory